Birmingham Wedding Band

What to consider when playing a wedding

Birmingham Wedding Band

In Birmingham Wedding Band are popular however many people will struggle with a decision when picking the music, they want at a wedding. There are two types of music many people will end up choosing when thinking about a wedding, this is a live band or a DJ. However, this can be narrowed down by just a few questions. What type of music matches your personality? There are many things to consider when choosing music to set the vibe for a wedding. Setting a type of music will set off the tone of the environment and bring together a theme. Another important feature of a reception at a wedding is the way the music is presented whether it be a live band or a DJ this will affect the atmosphere. The tempo of the songs being played will also set the atmosphere to remember to ensure there is a mix of both slow and fast songs being played both old and new songs to target a wide age group.

Having a Band

A live band at a wedding can get a crowd on their feet, and start to create a great atmosphere it also gives the opportunity for your guests to interact with the band that is playing. Whether it means the band leader finds his self on the dance floor this will have guests up off their seats. Many band leaders will also pay attention to how people are acting around the room to decide the next song to perform. An advantage of a live band is both you and your guests will enjoy the live performance, however, a band can be more expensive than a DJ who is able to play different genres of music.

Having a DJ

Many people think of DJS and think pub standard music with flashing lights however DJS today have more experience in music and will be offering a balance of different types of music and styles. A DJ will find more people singing along or even dancing on the dance floor, this can be for many reasons one of these could be more people knowing songs that are being played, another advantage of a DJ can be dependent on how much equipment a DJ will decide to bring there is always going to be more room on the dance floor than a band with large equipment. An advantage of a DJ at a wedding can be if people want to request a song they can do so, this keeps everyone happy as everyone can choose a song they want to listen to. A DJ with great charismatic presence and set the vibe of the place and keep the party going.